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10 Reasons To Invest In Physical Gold

There are many potential investors wondering what all the fuss is about concerning Gold because for the longest time it has been viewed as a past time for millionaires and Countries. The Gold we refer to here is “allocated” gold i.e. a specific, referenced, visible piece of gold bullion or a gold coin that is allocated to and owned by one person. It does not necessarily include quantities of gold held as anonymous parts of anonymous bars in anonymous vaults (“unallocated”) because this type of gold cannot be repatriated to the owners if the need arose as no-one knows which bits of which bar belong to each investor.
  • It is an investment that you own, it is your property and it cannot be lent out to a third party or used to form credit
  • It has increased in value over 440% in the last 10 years and has shown a healthy return on investment year on year
  • It is not a paper asset vulnerable to to the performance, viability, stability or existence of an intermediary
  • It is not an investment in a Bank which cares little about paying you interest and a return on investment because it is preoccupied making money for itself
  • Historically it is the only “currency” to maintain a real value in purchasing power throughout centuries
  • It is THE safe haven for wealth and used by Countries and the largest Private fortunes on the planet as a protection against inflation, currency devaluation, economic instability and ultimately pending crisis
  • Economic and financial experts the world over recognise and advise that Gold should form part of every investment portfolio
  • The price of gold has been suppressed and controlled for decades by those who seek to control global finance. Since 2008 the rules have changed and control has been lost. If the gold price was corrected by the same factors as fuel, food and currency it would be worth at least $2100 an ounce today
  • It is a precious metal available in a finite quantity that is constantly in demand the world over.It is always a good time to invest in gold because demand is extremely high and supply is dwindling. Prices will fluctuate but in the end Gold will continue to rise because it is irreplaceable, a precious metal with unique properties and it cannot be manufactured or printed
  • It is a debt free investment, not linked to the worldwide black hole of sovereign debt and spiralling deficits
After all, your wealth in gold is a lot safer than your wealth in the Banks!

8 Reasons Why Silver Will Make You Rich

  • Silver, like gold, has intrinsic value
  • Silver has been in a commodity bull cycle since 2000
  • Silver is a safe hedge against currency inflation
  • Silver is a security choice during times of financial crisis
  • Silver is rarer than gold
  • Silver is used in 90% of all electronics – and its mostly non-renewable
  • Silver inventories are very low
  • Silver investment markets are expanding thanks to the Chinese

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